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Saves you Money

Saves you Time

Improves Quality

Housekeeping department has the biggest man count in hotels. While housekeeping is essential to service, it’s not where GM’s need to spend most of their time and effort. In this competitive economic environment where everybody is hungry for more business, as much effort as possible should be invested into keeping and growing their customer base.

Doesn’t it hurt when you spend so much effort to bring customers to your hotel and at the end have to refund that hard-earned cash to the guest. Just because of one simple housekeeping mistake.

Our service allows hotel managers and owners to focus on their main objective – growing their business. Once our services are established all the checks and balances come into play. Front desk and maintenance departments become more efficient. Since you are billed per occupied room, you get exactly what you pay for. It’s in our best interest to do quality work fast.

Our business model is ahead of any other in hotel cleaning.

We will manage your entire housekeeping department, alleviating you from the stress and time of self management.

We guarantee the best service, and we will always be available when needed.

We match our resources with your needs, maintaining the flexibility to manage the unpredictability of a multi-tiered business.

We calculate the appropriate number of employees for each hotel based on occupation history.

We understand that this is a dynamic process and thus plan for flexibility.

Our Service is the best tool you can have in this business environment.

We will recruit, train and manage your whole housekeeping department.

Our mission is to help you guarantee your guests cleanliness, comfort, and satisfaction.

Our commitment is to provide five star services by continually researching and implementing the most efficient methods and technologies to benefit you and your customers

Mayfair services will assist you to simplify your tasks, focus on your goals, and achieve success with the help of our experienced, smart and co-operative personnel


why should you choose us?

  • Workers will be assessed on their right to work visas, language, presentation, experience, education and technical certifications

  • Provide consistently high quality staff

  • Use a hands-on approach to manage staff

  • Encourage ethical working practices

  • Deliver excellent customer service by working within agreed timescales

  • Tailoring our services to the customer’s individual budget and needs

  • Promote transparency and open communication with the client

  • Review and update our systems, policies and procedures

  • Promote ongoing technological advancement

  • Share knowledge and information with the client

  • Staff will be briefed on the service they must provide, including the type of guest staying

  • Announced and unannounced spot checks

  • KPIs are used to measure quality

  • Assist your business for 24/7


Get in touch to learn more about how our career experts can help you. Whatever it is you need, we’re here for you

46 Crawford St, Marylebone, London W1H 1JU, UK

Tel: 020 7723 4822

Fax:020 7724 9443

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