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1. We seek to increase the awareness of people at all levels within or working for the company
2. We offer a working environment with a structured system and regular meetings to encourage the involvement of people at every level, thus increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the company as a whole.
3. We monitor and develop our service realisation processes to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.
4. We facilitate a factual approach to all decision making by collecting appropriate data to identify scope for improvement.
5. We encourage ethical and good work practises throughout the company.
6. We are committed to our policies regarding Discrimination, Equal Opportunities and diversity which is reflected in our own workforce.


 A high-quality labour force with a basic standard of excellence
 Dedicated support staff specialized in each department of the Hospitality Industry
 Dedicated contract manager
 Mutual understanding of the requirements of 4 to 5 star hotels
 Highly experienced support base offering knowledgeable advice and 24-hour emergency contact available
 Training provided in-house and adaptable to specific hotel requirements
 All staff are professionally and legally vetted
 Supply of staff within a minimum of 12 hours’ notice
 A friendly and productive workforce
 Central location of our head office allows us to be available to visit clients and hotels at a moment’s notice
 Flexibility and adaptable to suit specific business needs

Through the experience of our office staff working in high quality hotels we are able to ensure that all our clients benefit from this experience, and work towards improving a high standard of luxury being offered to our clients’ clients.

Experience has also demonstrated that having a consistent supplier helps promote the standardization of the quality given in different branches of the same hotel company. The delicate detail given to ensure the experience had by the customer increases the likelihood of a customer returning and widely highlighting the reputation of the hotel.


1.We listen understand and focus on the individual requirements and expectations of our staff using information gathered in thorough interviews and tests performed by our recruiting consultants.
2. We provide honest feedback based on our consultants specialist knowledge in order that employees are placed in the best work place to suit their requirements and skills.
3. Our staff are encouraged to develop a continuous two way relationship with their own personal consultant not only to develop a trusting and personal business relationship but also to constantly improve and update our service by continuous feedback.
4. All the staff we supply and potential staff are treated with the respect and courtesy we would expect ourselves.


1. We employ through strict internal procedures friendly approachable consultants with a specific or practical interest in this part of the Recruitment Industry.
2. Our Consultants are encouraged to keep close contact with clients we supply to ensure they are constantly aware of clients needs for both their own benefit and that.
3. We endeavour to give autonomy to our consultants to develop responsibility and their commitment however when needed management are there to advise and assist


We at Mayfair Recruitment are committed to providing consistently high quality staff coupled with the highest level of personal service across the niche sectors in which we operate.
Our Recruitment Consultants are one of the key factors in the implementation and delivery of our quality processes as they are the frontline of our business for both employers and employees.
We constantly review and update our systems to ensure that we utilise the ongoing technological advances available in the marketplace today and we are always looking to identify scope for improvement in every aspect of the company’s activities.
Above all we pride ourselves on a management team that boasts experience and flair with hands on approach that is not intrusive but always available.

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Mayfair Recruitment Services offers quality Employment Agency services to place the right people with the right jobs in the greater London area. Whether you are looking to hire new staff or find a new job, we’re happy to offer you our services. Call us up to arrange an appointment. We’ll have your hiring or job-seeking needs met in no time by one of our professional team members.


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